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The Society of Neurosurgeons of South Africa (SNSA) is a public company 100% owned and managed by Neurosurgeons for the benefit of Neurosurgery. SNSA was established in 1996 and has been functional to the benefit of Neurosurgeons for a number of years.

The SNSA needs to be strengthened by increased membership support to deal with the ever increasing demand placed on SNSA by government regarding the role of private practice in South Africa, the role of private practice in the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) System, the shortage of doctors, the salaries of specialists in the public sector, the income of specialists in the private sector, the role of medical schemes, and other important matters such as regulatory reforms.

Annual SASS Congress 2014 - Call for Papers (29 - 31 May 2014)

This year we will once again be combing with the SRS. They will bring insights regarding deformity and spinal alignment with specific focus on its application in our general spinal practice.

Pierre Bernard is well known for his involvement with competitive rugby players and a session will be hosted on fusion and return to play.

Kevin Foley brings his experience of MIS to balance the program.

The course format will focus on interactive sessions with case presentations, selected free papers and presentations by our invited guests and local faculty.

Call for Papaers

Abstracts are required for all free podium presentations.

Please structure as Title, aim, method, results and conclusion and limit to 300 words.

Deadline and Enquiries

Deadline is the 21st of February 2014. Submissions can be emailed to Prof Robert Dunn

Enquiries can be submitted to Hendrika van der Merwe, the congress co-ordinator.
Tel: +27 21 919 4227
Mobile: +27 83 270 6344

23rd Biennial Congress